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Liposuction with VASER®

in Palo Alto, California
Get a faster recovery time, better results, achieve selective fat targeting, and reduce cellulite with Liposuction with VASER®
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What is VASER® ?

Love the skin you are in.

VASER® liposuction is the best technology for liposuction. It is a minimally-invasive procedure, as it requires only minor incisions to be made and leaves minimal scarring without the need for stitches. As a result, VASER® liposuction is less traumatic than traditional liposuction, and it causes less bleeding and bruising. Other advantages include:

  • Faster recovery times – you may be able to return to work in as little as 2-3 days, depending on the extent of your treatment
  • Better results
  • Selective fat targeting – the ultrasound waves only break down fat cells, meaning nearby structures such as blood vessels and nerves are less likely to be damaged
  • Cellulite removal – unlike traditional liposuction, VASER® can remove areas of cellulite

Why is VASER® so popular?

Fall back in love with your skin.

VASER® liposuction uses state-of-the-art ultrasound technology that targets only the unwanted fat pockets and leaves all surrounding areas untouched. By doing this, VASER® liposuction produces smooth contours with a much faster healing time. You will be able to see great results with a shorter and quicker recovery time than with traditional liposuction.

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Treatable areas

Improve your self esteem.

RejuveenMD offers VASER® Lipo™ in Palo Alto, a highly customized, cutting-edge treatment that can remove unwanted, stubborn fat pockets from various parts of the body, including:

  • Neck
  • Upper arms
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Abdomen
  • Hips
  • Back

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is VASER® Liposuction?

VASER® liposuction is a highly customizable procedure. We take your health seriously and will learn all about your past procedures and current lifestyle to make a decision on your healthiest surgery option. A treatment plan is made in consideration of your body and desired outcome. Due to the highly personalized level of the procedure, each patient will have their own unique treatment cost. A cost breakdown will be reviewed during your consultation so that you are 100% confident and comfortable with your procedure choices.

Does VASER® tighten skin?

Yes! VASER® lipo provides moderate skin tightening. Many patients who are interested in body contouring are also interested in tightening the skin of the treatment area to maximize sculpting. VASER® does both! This treatment will help your skin grow more taut and allow it to be healthier.

How long is the recovery?

Recovery timelines differ for each patient. More extensive procedures, such as combining two treatment areas, will require more downtime because they require longer surgery time. The average amount of downtime for our patients is typically about a week. Some patients only require a few days of downtime! During your downtime, you will want to focus on drinking plenty of water and getting lots of rest.

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