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PDO Thread Lift

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A non-surgical facelift where facial skin is lifted and tightened image in the comments for the box.

About PDO Thread Lift

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PDO thread lift is made from a polydioxanone substance that is dissolvable and is used to help in lifting and tightening the face without undergoing any surgery. Not only does it tightens your skin, but it’s also designed to stimulate new collagen production in your body. PDO threads are just one of the three types of sutures commonly used in thread lifting treatments and have been around the longest. At the same time, the other two types are made from polylactic acid (PLA) and polycaprolactone (PCA).

What are the benefits and risks of PDO thread lift?

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Listed below are the outstanding benefits one can get when they undergo PDO thread lift. These are:

  • Non-invasive. Since threads are only inserted into the outermost layers of your skin where there are only a few nerve endings, the treatment won’t be painful at all.
  • Rejuvenation. You will look younger immediately since all your sagged skin will be tightened and lifted. 
  • Immediate result. What most people love about the PDO thread lift is the appearance of instant results as soon as the procedure finishes. And, often takes just a week or a month before the full results are seen.
  • Quick recovery. One of the most significant advantages of having a thread lift is the reduced recovery time. Potent pain medication is rarely needed, making it easier to return to your regular routines.
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The Procedure

Just a few minutes, no downtime

On the day or before your procedure, your doctor will discuss the possible complications and give you advice about the recovery.
Your doctor will start by rubbing alcohol on your face area and will apply local anesthesia to avoid any discomfort. Then, a small incision will be made to create a small hole where a ” cannula ” device will be inserted. After this, anchoring the thread will be next, and the cannula will be pulled out by then. Securing the thread and ensuring it’s in its place will be the last step. Shortly after the procedure, you are free to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do after the treatment?

You will recover from the procedure in no downtime; though you might have some mild swelling and bruising, it will be gone within 24 hours. Rubbing your face must be avoided within the week after your procedure as it may cause accidental dislodging of the threads. Other activities such as intense exercise, visiting saunas, smoking, and drinking must also be avoided. Sleeping with a pillow on both sides of your head can help you avoid rolling onto your face during the night. Finally, because thread lifts are much easier to perform, they are affordable. You need to have realistic expectations for this treatment. Though it produces visible changes, they will only lift the face for a few millimeters creating a more natural-looking result. Therefore, it is best recommended to people experiencing mild to moderate and not severe signs of skin laxity.

What are the risks of PDO thread lift?

While PDO thread lifts are generally safe, minor complications may still occur. These include:

  • Mild pain and swelling
  • Minor bruising around the treated areas
  • Inflammation; and 
  • Snapping of threads

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