How To Treat Back Pain With Nonsurgical Options

If you struggle with intermittent or chronic back pain, you know just how frustrating it can be. Like many people, back pain may be preventing you from working, exercising, or enjoying your favorite activities. For some patients, back pain makes it uncomfortable to simply stand, drive, or sleep. While medication and surgery may be effective in certain cases, many men and women are interested in a more conservative approach for back pain. Board-certified general surgeon Dr. Eric LeVeen and the award-winning team at Acoustic Therapy Center understand the disruptive nature of back pain and the desire to avoid expensive, invasive treatments. If you are hoping for a more natural alternative for back pain treatment in Palo Alto, CA, acoustic wave therapy may be right for you. Some low back pain is easily diagnosed on physical exam and ultrasound. One frequent cause is that is amenable to simple non invasive treatment is pelvic compensation from hip abductors. Another is tendonopathy of the hip flexors in the low back. Both can be ameliorated with ESWT.

What causes back pain?

Before treating back pain, it is helpful to find out what is causing it. For many patients, back pain is multi factorial, meaning there are a number of factors contributing to their symptoms. Some of the most common causes of back pain include:

  • Musculoskeletal problem
  • Nerve damage
  • Poor posture
  • Pregnancy
  • Obesity
  • Age
  • Overuse
  • Muscle tension
  • Trauma

The severity and frequency of back pain can vary from person to person. For some patients, back pain is chronic, while others experience intermittent episodes of back pain. Back pain can range from dull and aching to sharp and shooting, and it may radiate down the legs or up through the neck.

When to go to the doctor for back pain

If you are experiencing an isolated episode of back pain that has an obvious cause, such as straining your back during exercise or spending a day working in the garden, it will likely resolve itself with rest. However, chronic, recurrent, or severe back pain may require professional evaluation and treatment.

How to treat back pain

Depending on the cause and severity of your back pain, treatment recommendations may include rest, physical therapy, surgery, or medication. However, back pain can often be effectively treated using a much more natural, convenient, and conservative approach. For patients interested in quick, reliable, and long-lasting back pain treatment in Palo Alto that doesn’t require the expense and inconvenience associated with other methods, Dr. LeVeen may recommend acoustic wave therapy or musculoskeletal (neuromuscular) therapy. Both of these back pain management options are completely nonsurgical and can provide dramatic, long-lasting relief. During your initial consultation, Dr. LeVeen will examine your back, perform any necessary imaging studies, and take a detailed health and symptom history to determine which treatment method may be most appropriate for you.

Get the relief you deserve and enjoy life again with nonsurgical back pain management in Palo Alto, CA

Don’t let back pain keep you from doing all of the things you love any longer. With noninvasive acoustic wave therapy and/or musculoskeletal therapy for back pain, you can finally get the relief you deserve without the need for expensive medications or surgery. To learn more about these exciting back pain treatment options, call the knowledgeable team at Acoustic Therapy Center to schedule your one-on-one consultation with board-certified general surgeon and pain management expert Dr. Eric LeVeen today!